Spring Styling Tricks That You Can Try At Any Age

Spring Styling Tricks That You Can Try At Any Age

With spring almost here we may feel like we have to pack our wardrobes with fashion forward pieces, but it can become exhausting thinking about what to buy and having to spend to spend money on these fashion items that probably wont stand the test of time.

We love it when you are able to pull items from your wardrobe already and wear them in such a way that they feel brand new.

Here we will look at spring styling tricks that are already becoming a trend and ones that you can start wearing now without hardly any new purchases.

Take a look at these spring trends that you can wear at any age.

Wear A Silk Scarf or Bandana Around Your Neck

The bandana trend has been collecting some ground since early 2015, but we are sure that it will hit the ground running this spring and summer.

Tie one around your wrist, to your bag or even your hair, but a great way to wear one is around your neck.

There are a couple of ways you can wear this trend. You can go for folded and fitted like choker necklace or you can twist it and tie the ends low so that it hangs lower like a necklace.

You can use a bandana or a silk scarf, but it can’t be too big. These are affordable to buy or you may find one of these in your house.

Wear A Thin Ribbon As A Bow In Your Hair



Bows are not for little girls as the trend has been catching and the simplest way to wear the trend is to put a simple ribbon in your hair.

You can go for a high ponytail that has a bounce or a sleek, loose low ponytail. You will just need a piece of plain ribbon that will add a little femininity to your look.

You are sure to have some type of ribbon hiding somewhere, but if not you can easily buy ribbon like a thin velvet ribbon in black, grey or burgundy and it wont cost you that much.

Pile the Brooches and Pins On

One of the prettiest spring trends is the return of brooches and there are plenty of ways you can wear pins and brooches. One way is to just pile them on.

Mix and match some of your favorite pieces and use new and vintage pieces.

They can also be worn on everything from your wool coat to your chunky knit and even on your hat.

If you are not able to find any in your mum or grandmother’s jewelry box then you can find plenty on Etsy and EBay.

White Sneakers Go With Everything

White sneakers are a massive trend and the best ones to have no matter what your age is to go for a classic white. White sneakers look good with everything and you have your choice of brands.

White sneakers can be paired with a sleek shift dress or with sweater dress or jeans for a more casual look.



April 29, 2016

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