How to Transition your Winter Wardrobe for 2015

How to Transition your Winter Wardrobe for 2015

When the seasons begin to change you may have the urge to lock away all your winter outfits and be ready for the spring, but there are those days where the weather is in between where its not freezing but its not warm enough for spring outfits.

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Here is how you are able to transition your winter wardrobe into the spring.


Tights are great in colder weather as they are able to keep you warm without you feeling that you are wrapped in layers upon layers. You can get a long way with a pair of wool tights and once more they come in different patterns and colours which can be worn with a skirt or a midi dress with a jacket.

If you are feeling a little more daring then you can try a pair of metallic tights worn with a longer jumper and oversized denim jacket.


Boots are versatile and can be worn anytime and paired with anything. Boots are able to work all year round so you should invest in a good pair of boots that can be worn with jeans in the winter, tights in the spring and even with shorts in the summer.


This is the time where you can make the transition from knitted and cosy scarfs to colourful and patterned scarves. Scarves can be worn with a fitted blouse under a comfy cardigan and jeans or go for an oversized jacket with a woollen dress. Scarves can be a statement piece to an outfit and can even be worn as a headpiece.

Leather and Denim Jackets

Leather and denim jackets are timeless pieces that can be worn in winter and in spring. There are two ways you can wear a jacket. The first is to go for a fitted one and the other way is to go towards the oversized jacket trend. Jackets work with everything no matter if you choose a dress, jeans, heels or flats.

Single Breasted Coats

One item that will not make it to spring is your thick coat, but you can get a lighter single breasted coat.  A camel coat is a classic choice that fits perfectly with monochrome outfits. A pastel boyfriend gives an outfit a bit of edge and is also in fashion.


January 23, 2015

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