Coats for Men 2015

Coats for Men 2015

If you are looking to stay warm and be stylish this winter then here are some great coat trends for men this year.

The Oversized Coat

The new oversized coat is like that of your classic coat. The oversized coat offers a loose silhouette that has a style of bohemian mystery that is able to elevate you’re dressed up and professional looks this winter. Not only will you get style from an oversized coat, but also warmth with the extra length and huge lapels.

The Parka


The hooded parka is never far from the fashion scene and right now it is having its moment. Designers and fashion editors have started pairing the parka with suits and tailoring. This creates a striking contrast that calls on the classic mod style.

The Slim Puffer

The slim puffer is now the must coat for every man’s closet. You can wear this in a simple way for a casual look or layer it beneath a suit jacket for warmth and for an unexpected visual texture. You can get a slim puffer with a synthetic fill and fleece paneling that make it even slimmer and more versatile.

The Shearling Coat

A few seasons ago, shearling started to reappear on the runways but it is now making huge strides in the fashion world. The updated manufacturing techniques means that you will get to add plenty of 70s flair to any look, but without that bulky look, like the shearling coats before. Also the shearling coat is a great investment as they last forever literally.

The Neo Duffel Coat

The classic duffel coat still has a spot in menswear. The duffel coat has undergone recent updates that offer a more slimmed downed version of this hooded toggled coat. There are a lighter technical materials and a contemporary feel. The new duffel coat is perfect for the current high-low trend in menswear.

February 20, 2015

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