90s Fashion is Back

90s Fashion is Back

So it seems that 90s fashion trends are making a comeback. Let’s have a look at these trends and who was wearing them.


The 90s choker is expected to make a big come back as seen on Behati Prinsloo, Jessie J and Ariana Grande recently. You will be wearing the choker with ikat print maxi dresses or floaty linen tops.

Crop Tops

The crop top has been a fashion trend lately with Rihanna and Miley Cyrus all rocking the look.


The backpack was the essential back in the 90s and its now back as hot arm candy. They are now styled with quality leather and throwback graphics.




The comfy tracksuit that was the staple for Sporty Spice and boy bands are back. Rihanna was spotted in a matching pink twin set tracksuit.

Puffer Jackets

In the 90s you were able to keep the cold out with the puffer jacket and now it has made its return as a must for winter. Hilary duff was spotted in the puffer jacket that was a maroon colour.


Gwen Stefani has embraced two of the 90s fashion trends those being the double denim and camouflage. Double denim though has been a hit for the last season as Kimye and Chloe Sevigny showed. Camouflage hasn’t seen as much action but it will be with us for 2015.

Rainbow Hair

In the 90s hair colour was constantly changing. Now celebrities are happy to change their locks like Katy Perry that is still playing with all the colours of the rainbow and even leaving a hint of root for that real 90s look.

In 2015 you are to be sure to see 90s influences seeping into our trends.


May 8, 2015

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