Balancing Your Bottom Heavy Figure

Balancing Your Bottom Heavy Figure

There are many ways that you are able to balance your figure through clothing.

Color and Fitted Pieces

You are able to wear a fitted suit with a slim skirt. If you are bottom heavy then keep your line long by using one color, you need to choose fitted jackets that end above your widest point and wear a top or jacket that has puffy sleeve or structured shoulders so that you can balance out your larger bottom part.

Fit and Flarebottom heavy

One of the best recommendations for a bottom heavy figure is the full skirt. You need o get a skirt or dress that has a fit and flare silhouette. Draw the attention to your waist with gathers, a belt or another feature. The skirt will need to flare out from the fitted waist.

Jeans that Flatter

You are able to look great in jeans by choosing ones that have leg openings and back pockets that will suit your figure. Boot cut jeans are the most flattering jean leg. The slight flare is able to balance out wider hips and thicker thighs. Dark wash jeans will give you the most slimming look. The best pocket style is five pockets, but ensure that the back pockets do not have too many embellishments as it can make your bum look bigger.

Prints on your Smallest Feature

You are able to balance your bottom half by drawing the attention to your top half through the use of prints.

A Raised Waist

If your natural waistline is thick and you have full hips and thighs then go for dresses that have an empire waist, which is a raised waist. The focus is then shifted to the top third of your body as the waist falls below the bust line.

Pretty Necklines

Draw attention up and to your face with an interesting neckline like a halter, a sweetheart or a knotted front.

Light at the Top and Dark at the Bottom

The best way to use color to hide and highlight areas is to create a contrast. A black bottom and a light top will bring the eye upwards.


August 4, 2015

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